Welcome to PreschoolThemes.org! You probably stumbled upon this site while looking for a variety of preschool themes or lesson plans, and let me tell you right now: You have found the right place! Below we have a large selection of fun activities that you can use in your preschool theme curriculum. These printable crafts, coloring pages, invitations and worksheets are great for children in preschool, kindergarten, and toddlers! Used on a day to day basis, incorporating these resources into your lesson plans will teach your children the basics of numbers, colors, words, and much more!

After viewing what we have to offer, why not try to develop your own activities? Start with 2013 monthly calendar themes (more can be found at our sister site: Preschool Calendars), print out blank calendars, then add in holidays and special events with your children so they grow up knowing what's important in life. Afterwards, treat them by letting them color and design their own season calendar themes! By using this page as a template, you can even develop fun games that incorporate shapes and colors. Try designing a monthly theme, then add nursery rhymes, print, and help your children read through!


As we mentioned above, a great idea is to print out blank calendars and decorate them. Theme colors include blue and white for winter, green for spring, orange for summer, and brown for fall. Preschool Graduation themes go one step further - have your children sing a little song regarding graduation or the next year of school!